Thursday, April 17, 2014

Almost All of Raja Ampat is offline Foreign Tourists

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Industry Raja Ampat , Yusdi Lamatenggo say , 95 percent of visitors are foreign tourists Raja Ampat .

" They are mostly from Europe and America , " said Yusdi the sidelines of the opening of Garuda Travel Fair 2014 in Makassar on Friday .

He said the number of foreign tourists visiting an average of 15,000 people per year . Meanwhile, as many as 5,000 tourists per year .

According to him , in order to increase the number of visits to Raja Ampat , West Papua , one of the ways to promote travel through the fair . " It was intended to directly deal with the ' customer ' who will use the services of tourism , " he said .

Special on Garuda Travel Fair activities , he hopes to increase the number of visits to the Raja Ampat as much as 20 percent . While the target foreign tourists and domestic tourists visit in 2014 , he added , could reach 50 percent of total visitor achievements of 2013.

According to him, the tour " diving " into mainstay attractions in Raja Ampat in the last five years , but in the future will also be promoted geopark attractions .
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Introduce tourist attractions such as geological parks that already exist in South Sulawesi, for example Bantimurung and Leang - Leang located in Maros .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Will PKB - Kiai Kiai Consultation Langitan Coalition Problem

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) coalition has not yet decided on the 2014 presidential election . However , the party chairman Muhaimin Iskandar was admitted to consult with Kiai - Langitan NU kiai when it has come to a decision regarding the coalition .

" It will be explained to him - he , the results of the discussion , decisions . He - he will be consulted , " said PKB faction chairman Marwan Jafar , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .
Marwan explained the coalition sufficiently addressed through plenary meeting .

Will be conducted in-depth discussion about the possibility of a coalition with other political parties . He said the coalition 's decision does not need to go through a national leadership meeting ( Rapimnas ) .
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"If determination could be yes , it could not . At AD / ART , ( decisions coalition ) can ( pass ) plenary , enough , " he said .

PKB DPP chairman said rapimnas will be held awaiting the official voting results from the Election Commission. Thus, it is not investagate Rapimnas schedule .

"My friends are still busy in all areas . So , we still hold on implementation ( Rapimnas ) until we actually see the situation ( real results count) at the Commission , " he said .

Marwan ensure collective decisions in coalition will not break up the party internally . He asserted CLA led Solid Muhaimin Iskandar .
"Later mengerucutnya where , PKB remains solid . Thus , PKB solid . Decision ( coalition ) solid later , it was announced by Mr. Muhaimin own . All discussed , sealed , " he said .


Hajriyanto: Evaluation pencapresan Ical Do not Be a ghost in broad daylight

Chairman of Golkar Party Central Board Hajriyanto Thohari said his party would not address the excessive political maneuver conducted by the Advisory Council Chairman Akbar linked Golkar Party nomination aka Ical Bakrie as president . Akbar asked pencapresan Ical evaluated .

" In my opinion , Akbar said evaluation , need to be addressed perfectly natural . No need to overdo it, as if the evaluation instrument to attack , " said Hajriyanto in Parliament Complex in Senayan , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According to him , the old party , Golkar has many political figures who have different opinions , including Akbar . Vice Chairman of the Assembly that said , there may not be ready for Akbar expressed his readiness if asked to be a candidate for president or vice president .

" But also do not be a specter . Do not be a ghost in broad daylight , and allergy evaluation words . Said evaluation should not be addressed with a dramatic , " he said .

Previously , Akbar said he was disappointed with the vote in legislative elections Golkar Party if seen on a quick count . Based on a quick count survey agencies , sounds about 15 percent of the Golkar Party . Target Golkar , ie above 20 percent .

Seeing the results are far from the target, Akbar could carry pessimistic Golkar presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election . Under Article 9 of the Presidential Election Law , a presidential candidate must be carried from the political party or coalition of political parties that get a certain percentage of seats in the House of Representatives 20 or 25 percent of the valid votes nationwide .

"If 20 percent of the new chair of the Golkar can nominate themselves . Otherwise , the option right coalition with other parties . , But the problem is the other party is not willing or jointly carrying Bakrie as a candidate ? " Akbar said .
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If later there is no coalition parties would jointly support Ical , Akbar said his party already has another option . Party bearing the banyan tree wants to carry the vice , paired with the presidential candidate of the coalition parties .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BlackBerry Urges 'Typo Keyboard' Blocked

Jakarta - BlackBerry victory in a patent litigation case against Typo , make it right to ask the sales of the iPhone casing manufacturers products immediately blocked .

Previously , it had been a court decision prohibiting the casing Typo sold in the United States . Actual sales ban may be waived , if the Typo prove their products do not cheat BlackBerry's design or technology that has been patented .
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In fact , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) , the company owned American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest was not able to prove it . BlackBerry also urged the verdict immediately applied .

" Typo statement does not match that they said before under oath , that they have significantly changed business practices in an effort to flood the market with infringing patents the keyboard , " said BlackBerry .

As is known , the BlackBerry dispute casing sold Typo for violating his patent . Not only serves as a protective cover , at the bottom of the plug -in accessories for the iPhone there is a qwerty keyboard that can be used for typing , such as typing on a keyboard on a BlackBerry phone .

Typo Keyboards are also equipped with features such as auto- correct typing errors are corrected automatically. There was also a back light keyboard that will facilitate users to type when dark conditions .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Luxury apartments Mastered "Inner Circle" Developer

If investors bought up the luxury class apartment with double the gain expected , the investor purchased luxury apartments with different profiles . They are among the ( inner circle ) developers . Family , business partners , and also the upper class businessmen , including those in the lingakaran .

Inner circle could control about 25 percent to 50 percent of the total units offered . The other half is allocated to the public . Not just any kalngan can buy and have this luxury apartment , but a certain elite .

" Their profile is very exclusive . They buy an apartment without gembar hype . Goal was different from the middle-class apartment investors . They buy for kids , wife , family , just to live , not for resale , " said Associate Director of Residential Cushamn and Wakefield Indonesia , Sujanani stab .

In addition, the prestige also played a role in the purchase of this luxury apartment . For example , if the A of a noble family buying an apartment that was excited about, then Person B feels provoked to then do the same thing . They also will ask who the candidate neighbors .

Not surprisingly , marketers of luxury apartments to browse and make the selection more about the profile of prospective buyers . Therefore , pre- sales usually take place exclusively in the private packaging launch .

According to the stabbing , the elite also prefer to purchase by way of cash . If repaid , only in a period of a few months . For example, cash gradually from five to ten times . Back again , it's a matter of prestige .

It makes sense if the apartment luxury class always admirable performance record . In a note Cushman and Wakefield Indonesia , until the month of March 2014 , the level of sales during the pre-sales of these luxury apartments by 67 percent . This number jumped 6.1 percent from the fourth quarter of 2013.

Included in the study were pre sales records Casa Domaine developed three large conglomeration of the Salim Group , Lyman Group , and Kerry Group . From a total of 186 units offered to the public , 51 percent of them are already sold . Though it costs about Rp 42 million to Rp 44 million per square meter . This price will continue to grow and is predicted to reach Rp 52 million to Rp 54 million per square meter by the end of 2015.
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" Trends in the upscale apartment prices will continue to rise simultaneously skyrocketing land prices . During the first quarter 2014, the average price increased by 33 percent , " said Managing Director of Cushman and Wakefield Indonesia , David Cheadle preformance statement to , Sunday ( 13 / 4/2014 ) .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

End of Story SMS Fraudsters 'Cheap Air Tickets' which only graduate SD

Have you suddenly received an SMS offer cheap airfares ? Be careful , it could be that SMS is an SMS scams . One kompolotannya been sentenced to 6 months in jail .

Plot fronted by the duo Alias ​​( 25 ) and Bedu ( 25 ) turns out to run organized . Both men are recruited 3 Subhan , Supriyadi and Henry since 2010 ago . From a rented house in Jalan Bakti Mina , Cikare , Ciomas , Bogor , five of them launch the action cheat by sending an SMS to hundreds of random numbers .


" In a day and send SMS to 300 thousand mobile numbers at random , " prosecutor indicted as stated in the South Jakarta District Court ( PN South Jakarta ) are reported by the website of the Supreme Court ( MA ) , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .
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If there are victims who call and will book tickets , start is the perpetrator carry out the action . Receiver operator posing as a travel agent and memintra transfer money to the gang for payment . But in reality , they were never booked tickets to the airline on behalf of the victim . This action has been running for 3 years and with a profit of Rp 700 thousand per day . The advantage was already cut SMS costs , telephone , salaries to employees .

This action began to smell member City Police . Then digelarlah the investigation to be able to apprehend the conspirators who just graduated from elementary school . Aliases and Bedu prisoner was sitting in a chair . The trio then found guilty of a criminal offense of fraud .

" Dropping a sentence of imprisonment for 6 months , " South Jakarta District Court broke up the assembly with a panel of judges consisting Syaifoni , Pranoto and Yuningtyas Upiek Kartikawati ago on June 18, 2013 .


Commission submit to the police cases of election fraud in Bogor

Implementation of the 2014 election which took place on Wednesday ( 9/4 ) yesterday still tinged cheating in order to rake in more votes . General Elections Commission ( KPU ) of West Java receive reports tercoblos ballots in the District Ciampea Fortress Village , Bogor Regency . Indication of mass cheating was done in about 22 polling stations

To overcome this problem , the Central Election Commission claimed to have received a formal complaint . It was waiting for the report of the Commission of West Java Province to follow .

"If proven then there will be a strict punishment of course , " said Arief Budiman Commission Commissioner told reporters at the Election Commission Office , Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

According to Arief , it has not been able to ascertain who the perpetrators of the voting ballots . When will prove to be done by the organizers of the election , it will be given strict punishment including dismissal in disgrace . It could even fall into the category of criminal election .

Topic options : Quick Count Election 2014 | Election Supervisory Body

" We await the first reports of them , or Bawaslu first . So if we proceed with the criminal police , " said Arief .

Previously unknown , the Commission received reports of West Java ballots in the village of Fort tercoblos Ciampea Subdistrict , Bogor Regency . Indication of mass cheating was done in about 22 polling stations .
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KPU chairman Hidayat Jabar Yayat directly ask the local KPU chairman to monitor it . " I 've been able to report in Bogor earlier about the existence of ballots reportedly already tercoblos , I told the Commission there directly on the spot , " said Yayat .